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Why invest in a photographer?

Well, let me tell you!

Many people’s first thoughts when looking to hire a photographer are, “they’re too expensive! What’s up with the hefty price tag? They only do one day’s worth of work. Their job is simple. Anyone can take some photos, right?”

W r o n g !

When you hire a photographer, you are paying for much more than their time. They will talk with you for an initial consultation, listen to your ideas, and answer your questions - acting as an unpaid planner. Then on the day of the shoot they will be with you for the entire duration. After this they will edit, going through hundreds of photos they took (or thousands depending on the content at hand) and cutting it down to the best final images for you. All these photos will be edited individually, which can take anywhere from a day to a week. Not only is there the aspect of time and skill, there is the cost of running their business. Photographers will shoot with multiple lenses and cameras, each costing thousands of dollars. They also will be shooting with a wide variety of other gear subject but not limited to external lighting, spare batteries, and memory cards amongst a whole host of other equipment. In addition, they pay for insurance, some have employees themselves to help with work-load and assistance, some rent studio space, and then there are transportation and hotel fees for those destination shoots. All in all, photography isn’t cheap because it isn’t a cheap business to set up, run, or maintain.

Furthermore, good photography is more than an expensive camera. My camera is simply a piece of equipment I control, as I shoot in manual – I tell the camera what to do rather that letting the camera’s sensors make the decisions for me. I have spent countless hours perfecting my craft and even more time executing my skills in my specific fields. With my knowledge and experience, I know how to work in tricky lighting/situations, then compose and nail the shot beautifully with skill and precision, every time without failure. In addition, I’m adept to using editing software needed to produce quality images, reading and predicting body language/emotion, as well as advising and directing subjects. So if you want those breathtaking photos you see in Vogue or National Geographic magazines – you’ll need to hire a professional, because a camera itself simply cannot correctly capture a photo with a press of a button.

Your photos are the only lasting memory you will have. This is the importance of hiring a professional, opposed to letting a friend with a good camera do it. Time and time again I see people let down with the results that a non-professional has produced (of which they hired simply because that person did it for free or at a low cost). Keep in mind you get what you pay for! And though not everyone has a huge budget for photography, many photographers (myself included) customize their sessions’ specific to you, your wants/needs, and budget.

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