TRAVEL - Ashley Day Photography



No place is too far to travel - whether you’re planning a wedding in Scotland, have a product shoot in Thailand, or you simply want your life documented for awhile, we are always more than willing to accommodate your destination needs wherever it may take us. Not only are we experienced travelers, but we know how to travel cheaply and efficiently. Our passports are updated, and our bags are packed - ready to serve our clients both near and far.

Don’t be shy to contact us about traveling or shooting somewhere magical!

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Care to join us on our adventures or add to the list? Let’s make art and memories someplace wonderful!

Peep our confirmed travel dates below:


J A N U A R Y - Chicago, IL

F E B R U A R Y - Chicago, IL

M A R C H - Chicago, IL

A P R I L – Minneapolis, MN & Chicago, IL

M A Y – Durango, CO & Chicago, IL

J U N E - Chicago, IL

J U L Y - West Coast & Chicago, IL

A U G U S T - Chicago, IL

S E P T E M B E R - Chicago, IL

O C T O B E R - Chicago, IL

N O V E M B E R - Chicago, IL

D E C E M B E R - Chicago, IL

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