WHY WE ARE A VEGAN BUSINESS - Ashley Day Photography


Advocacy against the use of animals for food, product, entertainment, and experimentation is apart of our daily lives.

Our business model, in addition to what we do as photographers, is to normalize veganism while simultaneously providing specialty services to vegans. We want to invigorate curiosity concerning the lifestyle while encouraging people to approach the matter on their own terms by showing how easily fulfilling it is to lead a compassionate lifestyle and business, without sacrificing luxury or style.

It comes as no surprise that the vegan community is continuing to flourish, and our desire to connect and work with like-minded people is never-ending.

Everything considered, we aspire to change the mainstream perception of veganism by promoting consciousness and awareness with innovative exposure and education through our work.

*  *  *

Interested in learning more about the vegan lifestyle? We hand picked our personal favorite resources and listed them below!

Information / Documentaries:



Earthlings (free streaming on website)

Cowspiracy (free streaming on Netflix)

Forks Over Knives (free streaming on Netflix)

Public Figures / Educators:

Loni Jane

Bonny Rebecca

Sarah Lemkus

Ellen Fisher

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